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February 2018
I have completed the first phase of data collection for the project on language attrition/bilingualism with L1-Greek L2-English speakers in London and I am currently planning the second phase with monolingual speakers in Greece.

December 2017
Two upcoming presentations of a new research collaboration with Artemis Alexiadou ‘Genericity in Greek: an experimental investigation’: an alternate talk at the “Specificity, definiteness and article systems across languages” workshop at DGfS 2018 in Stuttgart and a poster presentation at Linguistic Evidence 2018 in Tübingen.

November 2017
Stimulating first meeting of the OASIS network in Paris, an international research network and annual interdisciplinary conference on formal semantic ontology in natural language as it is structured by both grammar and cognition.
We are organising a related workshop in Berlin in 11-12 January 2018 themed around ‘Nominal phrase meaning’. More info here.

 October 2017
I am excited to have started the first stage of data collection in London for a new project on language attrition/bilingualism. The project looks at L1 attrition in Greek speakers in the UK who have been exposed to L2 English for a long period of time. More details to follow.

 May 2017
I am excited to be organising a workshop on genericity in Berlin on 2 June 2017. See more details here.

 April 2017
Two new presentations of our genericity project with Linnaea Stockall and Napoleon Katsos, both in London. At the CogSci 2017 Meeting in July and at ICGL13 Conference in September. See more details here.

 February 2017
Our paper with Linnaea Stockall and Napoleon Katsos ‘A new look at the ‘Generic Overgeneralisation’ effect’ has been published (online first). You can read it here.

 February 2017
We are organising the 1st Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Linguistic Theory (CIALT 1) in collaboration with the Linguistics Division (Dpt. of Philology) at the University of Crete.
We invite submissions for abstracts dealing with “Theoretical and applied methods for evaluating (a)-typical language”. 6-8 October, Rethymno, Crete. For more information go here.

 November 2016
Our paper with Linnaea Stockall and Napoleon Katsos ‘Generic and universally quantified generalisations: a cross-linguistic experimental study in English and Greek’ got accepted for presentation at the “Cross-Linguistic Pragmatics” workshop organised by at ZAS in Berlin on 25-27 January 2017.

 November 2016
Our paper with Linnaea Stockall and Napoleon Katsos ‘A new look at the Generic Overgeneralisation effect’ will appear on Inquiry: An interdisciplinary Journal of philosophy in a Special Issue: Genericity in philosophy and linguistics edited by Bernhard Nickel and Rachel Sterken. See a preprint here.

 October 2016
I joined Artemis Alexiadou’s research group on (Experimental) Syntax and Heritage Languages at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

 May 2016
Two presentations on our generics child study coming up at Queen Mary and the University of Cambridge: “On borps and glippets: the acquisition of generics.”

 18-20 January 2016
Poster on “The effect of context on generic and quantificational statements” with Napoleon Katsos and Linnaea Stockall, Workshop “Trends in Experimental Pragmatics TiXPrag 1”, ZAS Berlin

 20 September 2015
Upcoming presentation at the ‘Generic workshop: genericity in philosophy and linguistics’ organized by Rachel Sterken, Bernhard Nickel and Torfinn Huvenes at Harvard University in early October. I will present a paper on ‘The Effect of Context on Generic and Quantificational Generalisations’ written with my collaborators Linnaea Stockall and Napoleon Katsos. More info and the full programme here.

 4 August 2015
Upcoming paper with Napoleon Katsos and Linnaea Stockall on ‘Genericity is easy? Formal and experimetal perspectives’ to appear in RATIO Special Issue: Investigating Meaning: Experimental Approaches, edited by Nat Hansen and Emma Borg.
Read RATIO submitted.

 May 2015
How to be a bare noun in Greek
LSD 2 (London Semantics Day)
13 May
Queen Mary, University of London

 10 November 2014
Talk at the University of Cambridge
Wednesday 19 November 2014
Bare nouns in Greek: the view from Spanish and Catalan
Ibero-Romance Linguistics Seminars

 20 April 2014
A new collaboration between Queen Mary and the University of Cambridge!
Linnaea Stockall, Napoleon Katsos (University of Cambridge) and myself have been awarded a British Academy research grant (2014-15) for the project ‘Learning about the world through generic statements: a cross-linguistic perspective’, where we will explore how adult native speakers of two languages with distinct ways of expressing generic statements, English and Greek, process statements like ‘tigers have stripes’ or ‘ducks lay eggs’ and how young native speakers of English learn their meaning. Read the abstract here GEN_website.

 1 January 2014
This semester I am going to be a teaching assistant for two modules at Queen Mary, University of London:
‘Aspects of Meaning’ taught by Paul Elbourne and ‘Language acquisition’ taught by Linnaea Stockall.

 14 August 2013
I will be teaching again an “Introduction to formal semantics” at ACTL this autumn!

Our paper with L.Stockall “Are (all) generics easy? Processing generic and universal interpretations” has been accepted as a talk at the conference “Investigating semantics: Empirical and philosophical approaches” (Bochum, October 10-12, 2013).

 22 July 2013
Our paper with S.Alexandropoulou ‘A corpus study of Greek bare singulars: implications for an analysis’ has been just published in Revista da ABRALIN within a thematic issue of work presented at the conference “Weak (In)Defi niteness and Referentiality” (Florianópolis, August 20 and 21, 2012).

I am a research assistant in the project ‘Is earlier always better? Factors affecting bilingual speech perception and production’, a project co-ordinated by Esther de Leeuw and Linnaea Stockall and funded by the British Academy. The project explores perception and production of a phonotactic contrast across a range of Spanish-English bilingual speakers to examine the degree to which degree of exposure and age of exposure to a second language affect proficiency.

I co-supervised (w. Bert LeBruyn) Stavroula Alexandropoulou’s MA thesis “The lexical restrictions on verbs with bare nominal complements in Greek and an analysis of such constructions with have-verbs”, Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS.